Russia to win?

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After a heated competition which tested our skills and understanding of calculations we finally have a winner. Well done Russia! (Thanks to Jada!)

Future Chefs!

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Last half term we took part in the Food Revelation. Some of us were able to visit Kingsway High School and cook along there. This week we will be featured in their newsletter. Keep an eye out for this!



Welcome back!

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After two long weeks we’re reunited at last!

Write down something you want to share with a friend or with the class.

It could be a funny event, something unusual that you ate, a place you visited or just something interested you watched on TV.



Spectacular work-ibrahim

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The creepy dark corner, which was infested with dead aliens, stank to the high heavens.


It was like it was polluted with lights which flickered like a rainbow bursting out and showing radiant colours.


Best educational blog

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Class 4A’s blog been chosen as one of the UK’s 100 best education blogs. They are thrilled to be nominated, but now we want to go one better and claim the overall prize. To help them, please can you email stating as your favourite blog.

You can see the full list and a link to the email address by clicking on the picture below.

100 best blogs

Science fiction- The lost alien – By Saarim

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Aaaaaaagh!!!! Help!!!!What’s happening!!!!???? cried the alien.

A few hours earlier

10… 9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…Blast off!announced the UFO as it flew to earth.                                                                                                                                        The UFO (in other words, unidentified flying object) flew through space dogding asteroids and trying to get to earth safely. An asteroid came zooming towards him. The UFO dogded cleanly to the left. Another came straight after the first . The UFO dogded swiftly again.Suddenly five asteroids came towards the UFO in a row. The UFO dogded rapidly right two times but was too slow. One of the asteroids hit the UFO breaking down the flying connections. The UFO fell diagnolly downwards because of the weight of the UFO, which should have been very light.

Now, the UFO was very light but there was one reason today as to why it was very heavy. The reason was, it was full of an alien. This alien was very lazy. He had bulging cheeks and was magnificently fat.Actually every part of his body was bulging. He was always sitting in front of the t.v like a dog on guard. The alien never helped his family work. Whenever they were working he was either sleeping, watching t.v ,playing on the computer , playing on the phone ,playing on the ipod,ipad,iphone,tablet, and doing other things that made him lazy. Crash!


Happy Easter!

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Here are our entries for the egg decoration competition…think we had some of the best entries 😉



Colourful setting

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You could see lights flickered like a glittery,bright rainbow. The creepy, dark corners were infested with miniature soldiers. You could smell mini alien foot steps on the floor. You could smell fresh air and the alien breathing. You could hear the sea the water moving about.


from Hurum

The terrifying flying saucer By Harry

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Isn’t  that the spooky,haunted flying  saucer hanging  on the moon?

Isn’t that  the spooky,haunted flying saucer that I once on saw on Mars?

Isn’t that the terrifying,haunted flying saucer which is coming right at me?

Question opener by Laiba

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Isn’t  that the  spooky , haunted  flying saucer  hanging on the end of the moon?

Isn’t that the  spooky , haunted flying saucer  I saw on Mars ?

Isn’t that the  spooky , haunted flying saucer  coming straight towards  me?

“Well this is my story,”

As I started to run a a cold shiver ran through my spine. My heart started to beat faster and faster.  As I  stepped forward  a  alien shot me with  his  light beem .” Exterminate  Exterminate  !”

” What was I going to do ?” …

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